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Welcome to Tales from the Tinderbox.

These are the tales of Tsuru-san and Bastet.

The universe within which these stories are set is not something foreign, nor is it something similar; it is quite simply the universe within our own.

The stories you will read are written for you, to be read by you, to be loved by you and to be shared by you with anyone or everyone you might think would understand them as you do.

They are tales of majicks and spirits, of adventures and mysteries but most of all they are tales of potential and of dreams; the motion of love and of light as it passes through time along with our hearts.

Some of the words are invented, others are taken from various languages.

There is a rough time line to some of the tales, others exist outside of any ‘time’ and should be taken as inner events or dreams. Aspects of the whole universe will become clearer as new tales arrive. The aim is not to understand them as a collected whole or to reach the end, it is to experience them and to see if you might find yourselves somewhere within.

These tales are free in their current form. That is not to say that you may reproduce them for profit, it is also not to say that you may use the characters or concepts yourselves but you are welcome to print them out or send them on or read them to strangers.

I’d be happy to hear from you.