There is a tale that is carried on the wind

It tells of a cat as black as night who lived on the edge of an old city.
Each evening she would pick herself up and walk away from the city toward the moon looking for adventure.As she walks she whispers songs and pussycat purrs, she walks through the sleeping streets and into the woods, which lead to a town.
Each night she keeps one eye on the moon to see where it travels and by this she knows the coming of the sun and can make her return to the city before the market begins.

But this night the moon kept on and refused to set.

The cat walked further and further into the woods following the path away from the city.
As she came further into the trees she began to hear them whisper and sing to each other.

She stopped… sat down… and began to clean herself. She listened quietly to the trees talking to one another.

‘The boy the colour of the moon’ they whispered.

Her ears pricked up with this and her tail began to twitch.
‘I should like to find this boy of the moon…’ she thought to herself.

The cat padded around for a little while considering what she should do.
‘It would seem to me…’ she thought, ‘that my path is the right one, I head towards the moon each night… but perhaps I take too long looking at things and I’m simply not speedy enough!’

So off she set, into the woods following the fallen light of the moon, a little spring in her step.
That night the moon never set, the sun never rose; the darkness endured and the cat continued along her silver road with both eyes watching the moon.

Eventually she came to the edge of the woods and as she did she saw a town filled with people staring to the sky and crying out at a hidden sun.

‘What is this?’ she thought.
‘What is this wailing and gnashing of teeth…?’

She sat and watched the townsfolk with her head tipped… and listened to their cries.

Within the sound she heard a different voice, one that sounded like the sea rising and falling, a voice which sang out in pure tone and light.

“For the love of life ~ for the light of life”

She faced the sound and there she spied a crane beside a lake beside the town. She took herself up and padded down towards the lake. As she approached she called to him.

“Dear crane, why do you sing such a sweet song while these people cry to an empty sky? You should take yourself over and teach them how to sing!’

The crane looked towards the cat slightly startled and she could see that he had been crying.

“Oh cat!” Replied the crane, “I am the undoing of these people. I am the song that set them searching the skies for unity!”
“But they sing without harmony, they have no song of their own… and nothing can be done for them.”

“Cry not for them.” Said the cat as she approached the crane.

“They are themselves and nothing more ~ nothing can be done from this.”
“You should take yourself and sing with them… as one of them… dear boy like the moon.”

The crane stood tall and fixed his gaze upon the cat.
“How do you know this? He asked her, “How do you know that I am this?”

“By the seas in your eyes dear crane…” she replied, “by the seas in your eyes.”

“Indeed IAM!” whispered the crane. He looked at her with his large blue eyes and tilted his head sideways before saying.
“Further still ~ for now we are ~ as you see me ~ I too see you ~ dear girl who wears the mask of a cat.”

The cat looked at the crane and her heart began to beat so loudly that she thought she might pass out. She raised her paw to her chest and saw a human hand; that she had started to become a girl.

“So we are returned to each other,” she whispered, “as we have always been.”

The fish within the lake heard their whispers and told the tale of the town and the crane and of the cat to the swan who lived on the lake.
The swan thought of this while she slept and in this way she told the tale to the air where it was carried across the earth