There is a tale told in the east ~ one which is whispered by the sea

Of a child who came from the western woods, and entered the town, his skin was as pale as the moon and his eyes as blue as the ocean, when asked where he came from the child simply smiled and hummed. In his voice the townsfolk heard their own hearts and recognised their souls.
And as he hummed they too began their own tune and the sound grew in this way.

The people in the town each sang a separate song but in unity, their voices joined together and the song rose up into the heart of the sun like a ray of light.

The child held out his hands and placed them together by his heart, then moved them in front of his face and up to his forehead. He took one last look at the townsfolk who were staring to the sun and he closed his eyes, he opened his hands and held them out again.

A brilliant white light came from his skin and enveloped his body, spirals of light moved around him and the tune he was humming grew until there was nothing where the child had been standing but a ball of light. The light was so bright that the townsfolk closed their eyes and then, when it faded the child was no more. In his place was a blue-eyed crane with feathers of black and white.

The townsfolk stared at the crane, some had stopped singing, others continued to sing but their voices trembled. The crane raised his wings and flew up into the ray of light and into the sun.

The townsfolk cried out after the crane each breaking the tune they were singing, and the light to the sun dropped lower and lower until there was no more.
The townsfolk started to turn to each other.
“Let us sing once again to call him back!” cried the people.

So they sang, but each one tried to sing the song that the boy had sung, but they could not remember his song and their voices turned to cries, which headed to the sun like arrows.

And they cried:
“Why did he leave us… The boy like the moon?”
“Why did he give us his song and fly to the sun to leave us here?”

Their voices hit the sun again and again until the sun could take no more and it turned away from them to hide its face and it cried for the townsfolk.

The next, day the sun rose black with its face away from the town and the people cried:
“We cannot see the sun ~ we cannot sing his song.”
“We can do nothing now that the light has gone and we are so alone!”

Beside the town was a lake, and beside the lake stood the crane who had watched the townsfolk with sadness and with regret. He saw what he had done and what had become of the townsfolk.
He whispered gently to his reflection in the water:
“But I too am lonely, and I too wished to sing and now I’m left as I began… A child of the moon with oceans in my eyes and a song on my lips forevermore.”

The crows in the fields cried out to the sun that he should turn around and light the town so that they could be warmed and learn to sing again in unity as the boy once did, but the sun refused to turn and the town remained in darkness,