“What did you say cat?” asked Tsuru.

The cat lifted her head and looked toward the crane as he sat beside her against the old tree Yuumina-sur.

“Nothing boy, I’m sitting here listening to the moon…” replied Bastet.

“…Strange.” said the crane, “I could have sworn I heard you say something.”

“Nyet.” purred the cat, when all of a sudden a beetle landed on her hind as she lay in the light.
“Gah!” she cried out, “…away with you Kabuto!”

Bastet wriggled the insect free from her and glared at it with a scowling glare.

“Did you see that?!… The nerve of him!” said Bastet.

She turned to Tsuru to find him staring at her,
“WHAT!!… What!!… Is it back again?” she cried spinning around.

“No…” whispered the crane, “What you just said is what I heard you say only just before.”

“Hmmm… Then what does this mean?” asked Bastet.

But she had no answer from Tsuru; he stood and stared all wide eyed at where the cat was, for now all he could see were spirals of light.

“Hey… What’s wrong with your…”
But Bastet didn’t finish her sentence, as she spoke she saw something in Tsuru’s eyes, something ancient yet familiar and all at once the crane began to unravel before her eyes – Where his head was now shone white light and what were his eyes were now galaxies of infinite stars.
The cat heard a sound like the rush of wind between mountains and she slipped into his eyes, falling towards brightly coloured clusters of stars. Bastet turned her head to look back at herself as she fell and there, within the eyes of her lover, she saw the most curious thing:

The cat raised her face eye to eye with her own, it was her – Her own face, as wide and tall as the universe, smiling back at her; made of millions of stars and galaxies.
Bastet opened her mouth to speak but no words came, she raised her arm to the face and saw that her paw was a hand and she had become a girl again, just as it spoke:

“Hello love, we have missed you – Come now, turn in these pieces and…”

Bastet blinked and opened her eyes to see Tsuru-san staring at her…

“What did you say?” he asked her.

“…Nothing boy” she replied, “I’m just sitting, listening to the moon.”

“What does she say?” asked the crane.

“She says that I love you,” said the cat.

The crane stepped over to the window and tipped his head to listen. He looked at the cat and shrugged his shoulders with a grin.

“Wicked boy!” said the cat.

The crane giggled.

“Come lay with me,” said the cat. “I dreamt I was the universe earlier, come fall into me.”

The crane curled around the cat and tickled her nose with his feathers.
“You are the universe cat,” he said. “You are all things manifest for me, that is the song the moon sings.”

The crane began to hum for her and the cat closed her eyes, drawing herself closer to the crane. She breathed him in and allowed herself to sink into his chest. As she began to drift into sleep she heard her own voice make a wish; a wish to remain as a girl and for that boy to always be the song sung to her by the moon.