The Djin, the Journeyman and the petal


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Not all things are born wicked, indeed it is true that wickedness is never born, it is hatched, as a plan is hatched. It comes about through conception, though want and wish and the will of something so strong that it quiets the beating of one’s own heart.

It is a sad and wretched creature who lives without a heart, and it is a more wretched creature yet who lives to consume the heart of others.

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The wanderer bent down and peered closer into the droplet on the petal, as he looked closer he began to make out a shape and as he looked at the shape he began to see it was a figure and as he looked at the figure he let out a gasp as his heart stopped dead. He fell to the ground, crumpled like a marionette with it’s strings cut through. As he lay on the ground he began to die. Now contrary to what some people may tell you, it is still possible to live without a heartbeat, it just isn’t possible to live that way for very long. His heart had stopped beating and we must think of this like the furnace in a steam engine, the door was shut, the fuel finished and the embers were burning out, yet the engine is still in motion. It is the same with the human body, for a finite time the energy created by the heart moves through the body, it becomes cold as it passes but it passes still and with it’s passing there is motion. It is with this motion, as it pushed it’s way through his body that the wanderer was able to see the droplet fall from the petal and land on the earth, and as it landed the wanderer was able to see a sight which for all intents and purposes should have started his heart back up again. Where the droplet fell some smoke started to rise, and as it rose the smoke started to form itself into a recognizable shape ~ first a leg, then two. A torso appeared, then arms and finally a head.

As the final part of the energy leaving the heart of the wanderer started to fade from his eyes the last thing he saw was a dark and smokey apparition of himself leering down over his body, it opened it’s mouth to speak but as it did so the body of the wanderer finally died and he was no more.


If you were an observer on this day, perhaps a bird or a well hidden creature, then you would have witnessed this event and been privy to what the apparition had said to the body of the wanderer…