The Cat and the Crane

Before you were born, before we all we born, and before birth was an event we should all come to know – the universe began. It did not arrive as we arrived; it did not slip into existence, it did not drop, jump up, or even bang – the universe, quite simply, awoke; and since it awoke it has been trying to come to understand just what it was doing before it awoke, since it has not been back to sleep ever since.

Now we might think of the universe as something that cannot wake or sleep, that cannot think or worry about the kind of things which keep you or I awake, although since it does not sleep then technically nothing is keeping it awake – it does however ponder, and as it ponders… things start to happen.

The first action the universe took when it awoke was to reach out, it wanted to reach outwards so that it might understand where it was, to gain some reference, but since it wasn’t really anywhere to speak of (as nothing else existed), it has simply been reaching out ever since. Thus the universe is ever expanding. As it reached it fumbled, and as it fumbled it collided against itself; moving up ways, down ways, side ways, round ways, and all ways that it could imagine possible for it to move. These collisions gave form and function to what we see as the universe; ignitions spawned meldings, and meldings led to coolings, and slowly new formings¬†occurred. Atoms and structures, minerals and metals came to be; planets and stars and all the things we experience today emerged from the great expanse.

These things are by the by though, they exist and we know that. They have been tested, measured, mused over, and thoroughly thought about since the first conscious creature looked up, or down, at this thing or that. As interesting as all that is, it doesn’t address the obvious issue at hand, which is this: Just what has the universe been thinking about all this time? Well, it is quite simple, you too have thought it, although you think of it less than the universe does (since the universe has been thinking one thing only since the very beginning). It has been repeating the statement ‘I AM’. It was this statement which first came when it awoke, it is this statement which caused it to reach out, and it is this statement which has been feeding back to itself as each thing was formed, and as each formed thing comes to experience another formed thing, the statement is repeated. Otherness spawns the knowledge of self, of perspective. Thus, the universe is expanding. It continues to expand as there is seemingly no end to this. At times a question arises, which comes bounding back to itself, a simple question of ‘AM I?’ – I AM this, AM I that? And this question perpetuates the first thought, it loops, we loop, and in this looping we come to know all things that could be. Indeed, there is nothing that exists without the statement and the question being present,