There is a tale that is told by the mountains

If you stand in the right place… At the right time… And press your ear against the rock you might catch a sound within its walls that tells the tale of time on time.

~ It tells of a town that was filled with light.
And of a peoples wandering through the night.

Of a crane by a lake with ocean eyes, and a cat from the city who secretly cries.
It tells of turtles and of swans, and sweetly sung children’s songs ~

It tells of one fine night when the moon was fat, a cat out wandering came across a crane, and there, under luna light, she caught a glimpse of a boy within the crane; stood well beside the black water.
And, as she spied him he also saw her, as simple as the stars… A girl who wears the mask of a cat.

The mountains tell that they spoke each other’s names, and that they took out their hearts, which they ate, so that they might never be apart.

And, with this done they changed themselves into a boy and a girl, standing, staring at each other under the moon.

It tells of the way the stars twinkled as they kissed and sent nine of themselves falling, singing:
“He has found our sister… Our dear Bastet… And brought to her, calm seas to reside within.”

It tells of how they took each other’s hand and set about walking around the lake the way a clock moves, and as they walked the girl spoke:
“You know majick, don’t you dear boy like the moon.”
She pulled on his hand.
“Show me some tonight, majicks as we are here in majicks.”

He looked to her and smiled a kind smile then began to hum…

“Ahh, you are wicked to me!’ she joked, but kissed his cheek all the same.

And in the trees an owl hooted with laughter that she didn’t notice they were walking on air.

That winter the boy and the girl returned to the city and started a children’s school for singing,
where it taught every child born forevermore how to sing to the stars and to the sun and to the moon…
~ for the love of life ~