Hillundria intro

At the end of each day, as the mighty sun sets and the final shards of light withdraw themselves from the world, the shadows set in… And with the shadows come the things that dwell within. With the coming of night all manner of creatures, sprites and apparitions emerge from caves or gaps between the earth; they come and they enter into the sleeping world of the daylight dwellers.

This wasn’t always so, there was a time when the dark stayed in the dark, when creatures of day and night never crossed paths save for an adventurer on each side who was foolhardy enough to find a route into the home of an other. There was a time when the goblins, the djin, the lycanthrope and the vampire existed as happily as they might, amongst their kind and under their Queen.

This time no longer exists because the great Queen Hillundria is dead and with her death all that served her have turned to wandering and are left wanting, so they enter into the woods and the sea and creep through the villages at night searching for something they can never find again, searching for the dreams their Queen gave them.

This is the tale of Hillundria; the birth of the great tree and the beginning of the end of the world…