There is a question asked, from time to time

Some time ago now the cat was walking along the edge of a river, occasionally passing over stones and clumps of sticks… sometimes looking to the twinkle of the moon as it reflected off the rippling water. After some time she came across a sleeping man beside the river, now,being one for adventure, the cat padded up […]


The cat’s eyes opened, awoken by a breeze. She sat up and stared through slightly blurred vision out into the room. “Boy?” she said, noticing a figure sitting on the ledge of the window. “What’s up, why aren’t you sleeping?” Tsuru shrugged his shoulders and without turning around replied in a quiet voice: “I can’t sleep […]

There is a Tale of an Old and Hidden Island

Some time ago, long before the blossoming of the lotus in fact.And, come to think of it, even before the setting of the great mountain Triiutanna into stone, lived a turtle named Goyanakazu. Now Goyanakazu was an old turtle indeed…So old, some say, that he tasted the first drop of water on the earth when it fell from the sky. […]

Tales from the Tinderbox.

These are the tales of Tsuru-san and Bastet. The universe within which these stories are set is not something foreign, nor is it something similar; it is quite simply the universe within our own. The stories you will read are written for you, to be read by you, to be loved by you and to […]